Just a Moment Monday {or introducing...}


I feel like there is a culture in blog world that causes many to project a perfect picture of life. I'm defiantly apart of this culture. Its like we are afraid that complete strangers might see our messy living room or our complete craft fail. Some of it is bad craft after bad craft doesn't make for a good blog read. But, I think it also comes from attempting to find belonging in this vast blog world.

I started blogging during a break from my MSW program. Between changing diapers and watching reruns, I needed to do something to make me feel accomplished. So, I started crafting more. Then, I needed some sort of feeling that these little projects had meaning. Blogging has been a way for me to validate the current state of my life. It has also allowed me to feel connected to a community. 

As a result, I've been scared to show mess ups. I'm afraid people won't like me if they know how bad I am at cutting in a straight line {and I'm fairly certain they won't like me if they saw the pile of dishes in the kitchen!}.

And in that spirit, I'm going to take a bit of time each Monday to share a rant, ask a question, or show you just how messy my craft table is this week. I hope its a welcomed addition to this little blog of mine. And, I hope it helps me seek a little less perfection when it comes to participating in the blog world.


  1. You mean like my New Years Fudge that remained completely fluid even after an overnight stay in the fridge? ...and usually my sweet treats go so well.

    working title: don't follow the subjective '5 minute active boil' {or learn to use a candy thermometer}

    ps- I really like this messy monday idea!

  2. I dunno, you seem to be pretty successful in the blogosphere...dirty dishes or not :)