Baby Boy Bibs! {or sewing for my little man}

Second babies get the shaft many a time. Hand me downs left and right. And boys! I can't seem to find anything good to sew for them.

When Wesley started eating solids I busted out Emma's old bibs. They were mostly pink and completely stained. Finally...a project to sew for Wesley. I beefed up the stash to compliment his piles of pink!

I busted out my bib pattern and got to work. I used a Target towel for the backing and some fat quarters for the front. 

I couldn't believe my luck when my LQS had some Children at Play left!

And I got to try out a friend's embroidery machine. It was so much fun to play with!


What I've Been Reading Lately {or a random list of books}

Ok, remember last year how I was all "I'm going to post monthly about what I've been reading." No? Well I don't blame you. It only lasted a month. Bravo Michaela! So, instead of monthly posting what I've been reading I've decided to share randomly, when I remember. Really, that pretty much sums up my blogging in general!

Here's a totally random selection of what I've been reading lately (besides all 7 Harry Potter books. Because you have to reread them every couple of years!).

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinberg

I cannot say enough about this book. Aziz Ansari mixes his stand up with the research of Eric Klinberg. It made the sociologist in me giddy. It was a funny read that made me freakishly thankful that I'm married. The book looks at dating in several cultures. Its the combination of sociological research and interviews that Aziz conducted (some during stand up gigs). Read it!

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I found this book because of a list of books that are being turned into movies. Having read the book, I can't wait for the movie. The guy who played Finnick in The Hunger Games Trilogy plays the male lead. He's perfectly cast! But I digress...the book follows small British town girl Louisa. Louisa takes a job as a carer for a guy in his mid thirties who becomes a quadriplegic after an accident. The banter is fun, and the topics addressed are genuine.

How to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo

This is another book I picked up because of the becoming a movie a list. Having seen the previews, I can't imagine the movie is anything like the book at all. Really, this book reminded me of Modern Romance. The Julie and her band of friends are single, mid thirties women living in New York. They are all pretty miserable with where they are in life. Julie ends up traveling the world trying to figure out if any other culture has a better handle on being single. It was a fun, fluffy read.

Brooklyn by Colm Tolbin

Brooklyn is the third book I read based on the becoming a movie thing. The movie was released around Christmas time and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Ellis is a young woman living in a small Irish village during the 1950s. Se is smart and good with numbers but unable to find work. A rare opportunity takes her to Brooklyn to work and study. The book follows Ellis' exploration of a new culture, development as an independent woman, and struggle to maintain her own identity. It is a beautiful, quick read.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I read Eleanor and Park because everyone said it was the best thing ever. It had its moments. But I wasn't the biggest fan. I figured I was missing something so I decided to give another Rainbow Rowell novel a shot. Again, I had heard good things about Attachments. Instead, it just creeped me out as stocker-ish.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

This was another book that I read on recommendations from everyone. Having worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, I saw several of my clients in the main character. Basically, the story follows a professor's attempts to utilize data to find a wife. It handles the daily changes of some of the restrictive behaviors of ASD in a realistic way. It was an engaging, funny read.

Senior looks at how American parenting has changed over the last fifty years as well as the wide ranging ramifications these changes have on our lives. This novel called to me because of my love of sociological research. I found the writing redundant and the book far longer than it needed to be. It also kind of made me depressed that I have kids (which is not a normal feeling for me at all). I wouldn't really recommend this book.

I need to start out by saying I might not be the most partial of readers. I went to college with Ted. He is a brilliant. compassionate man who I was so excited to see him write this novel. Ted, a lawyer by education, has been living in Haiti working with the Mennonite Central Committee. He and his wife are involved in important advocacy work. Inspired by the beauty and the tragedy of his time in Haiti, Ted wrote with Haiti's largest slum as his backdrop. I'm not normally a murder mystery kind of girl. I wouldn't have picked this book up if it wasn't for my connection to the author. But, it was an intriguing, lyrical read. If you are a mystery reader defiantly give it a go!

I've got a solo flight coming up (!!!!!!!!). what should I be reading?


Saving Big with Consignment Sales {and a Just Between Friend's Fort Worth Giveaway}

This post is brought to you by Just Between Friends Fort Worth. If you have any questions, check out my disclosure page

I think saving money is on the minds of most moms. We work hard to budget, meal plan, and save where we can. Kids do their best to ruin these plans. They just. keep. growing. And they need stuff. Not as much as some would leave you to believe. But still, lots of stuff.

The best way I've found to keep kiddo costs under control is Just Between Friends Fort Worth. JBF Fort Worth is Texas' large children's and maternity consignment sale. It is a massive, one stop shop for all your clothing and gear needs!

I've always known that I save money shopping at JBF. This is the first time I've done a real analysis. I kept track of the items and prices of everything I bought for my 4 year old daughter (size 4t) at the fall sale. 

I spent $53 on 5 tops, 3 pants, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 dresses, a pair of tights, and a jacket. This includes many items from GAP and a Mini Boden top!

Comparing these items with similar items from the same brands, the cost adds up to $263. That's a savings of $210 or 80%!

Now, that's full price retail. When I buy items at the store, they are generally on sale. So let's for sake of argument assume I bought everything at the store at 25% off. It would still come to $197.25. JBF still scores me a a 78% savings.

The $53 bought about 75% of my daughter's winter wardrobe. We had her heavy winter coat from last year. Several tops were bought for her as presents. And, I make a lot of her church and everyday dresses. Even if I would have needed another couple of tops and dresses I couldn't see having spent more than another $15 for a complete winter wardrobe!

Want to save too? The Spring Sale for Just Between Friends Fort Worth is right around the corner. The Spring Sale will be held at Will Roger's Center in Fort Worth and is open to the public from March 3rd to March 6th (check out the full sale calendar for more details).

Want to learn more about JBF? I have a bunch of posts!Need to prep for JBF? Check out my posts on The Best Stain Remover Ever and How to Clean a Pack n Play. Here's how I prep my items for sale.

Here's some for First Time Consignment Shoppers. Want to check out other great deals I've scored? Here's a whole post!

You can also check out my initial review of JBF Fort Worth as well as why shopping at JBF is both good for your wallet and good for the community!

Need some more tips? Check out my Consignment Sale Tips and Tricks board on Pinterest!

The wonderful people at JBF Fort Worth are giving away a $15 gift certificate to use at the Spring Sale.

Some rules:

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* JBF Fort Worth is hosting multiple giveaways for the Fall Sale. You can only win once per sale and cannot win if you're blogging for JBF.

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$15 Gift Certificate to JBF Fort Worth's Spring Sale 

Happy Shopping!