Consignment Prep for JBF {or a giveaway to jbf fort worth!}

*Giveaway Closed*

Last fall I shared with you the amazing deals I scored at Just Between Friends Fort Worth sale. With the spring sale fast approaching, I wanted to share with you how I prep to sell....and a pretty sweet giveaway!

What's JBF you ask? JBF is a twice yearly consignment sale ran in communities throughout the country. Fort Worth's sale is the largest of its kind in Texas. You can sell your kiddo's old clothes, toys, and equipment and buy just about everything you could need for a kiddo! Only items in excellent condition are accepted so you can shop knowing you're going to get a good deal.

To me, prepping to consign is a bit of a daunting task. It can take some time but you get a big reward! You get 60% of what you sell {70% if you volunteer} so it's worth taking the time to make it look great.

Clothing items, shoes, and some equipment {like car seats} are inspected before they hit the floor. You should only be selling clothes that are in excellent condition, free of stains and holes. Equipment and toys must be in working order, have all parts, and have working batteries.

The JBF site has a huge section on how to get your items ready to sell. Sometimes I find their site a bit hard to navigate. However, their Facebook page also often posts great tips. Plus, you can post a question and get a rather quick response from one of the co-owners of the Fort Worth sale.

My biggest tip for getting toys and equipment ready is to stock up on Target brand magic erasers. The Up&Up erasers are cheaper and I think work far better than the Mr. Clean. These little miracle pads will take off all kinds of dirt, junk, and scuffs with very little effort. The better your items look, the more likely they are to sell.

All clothes must be hung. JBF recommends using wire hangers because they won't break. I got my hangers from Adorable Boutique in Fort Worth. The JBF ladies will occasionally sell hangers and tagging guns. Facebook will update you with when and where.

When hanging items, make sure the hanger forms a question mark. They are really picky about this. You also have to put your tags all on the left hand side of the item {right hand side when you're looking at it}. If you're using a tagging gun, the barb has to go through a tag or serger-seam as to not damage the item. Also, use safety pins to secure the clothes to the hanger. That will reduce the likelihood of something getting lost.

Speaking of tagging, the system is very easy. You use My JBF Tags to enter all items you want to sell. Tags should be detailed. That way, your tag and item have a chance of being reunited if something goes amiss.

Before drop off, I make sure to sort all of my clothing items by size. At drop off, you put all the items on the sales floor yourself {except shoes}. Since I have to take my daughter with me {which I totally don't recommend!}, I want to make this process as quick and streamlined as possible.

It may sound like a lot of work, but I swear it's worth it. In past years, I've sold unneeded or unused clothes and equipment and always made enough to cover what I needed to buy at the sale. Plus, if you sell items you get into the sale earlier than the general public!

Now, for the exciting new! JBF Fort Worth is offering one of my readers a $15 gift certificate to use at the Fort Worth sale. Since each JBF is independently owned, the gift care will only be good at the Fort Worth sale. You can check out the full sale calendar here. Use the Rafflecopter to enter!

Good luck! $15 goes a long way at this sale!