What's Cookin' #15

Both the little miss and I had colds for most of last week. I was feeling too awful to cook most days and too awful to eat much of anything as well. We didn't end up eating much off of last week's menu. So, this week's menu is basically the same as last week's.

Sunday: Grilled chicken with oven fries and corn

Monday: Chicken Pizza with Spicy Plum Sauce

Tuesday: Pasta and salad

Wednesday: Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with rice and snap peas

Thursday: Buttermilk Herb Chicken with biscuits and salad

Friday: Shredded Beef Tacos with black beans and corn

Saturday: Shrimp and pepper jack quesadillas with spanish rice and corn


Sunglass Case Tutorial {or more fun at the ribbon retreat!}

I shared this tutorial over at The Ribbon Retreat last week. Enjoy!

What you'll need:
2 fat quarters of coordinating fabric {I used Textbook Blue Playground for the outside and Textbook Blue Composition Book for the lining. Both of these fabrics are from the School Days line by American Jane for Moda.}
5/8" covered button kit
1/4 of a yard of fusible fleece
elastic cord
thread {Out of the Blue by Sew Fine!}

Set your sunglasses on top of your outer fabric. With the fold at the bottom, cut a rectangle with an inch on all sides. Do the same thing for the linning and the fusible fleece.

Cut a 5 inch piece of your elastic cording. {Note: I used elastic thread. I should have used cording. The thread is going to be too flimsy. I think cord would last compared to the thread.}

Follow your covered button kit's instruction for making a covered button. I used my lining fabric so it would stand out.

Next, hand sew your button onto your outer fabric. I sewed it 2 inches down and then centered. I included this picture to show you my crazy awful hand sewing skills.

Follow the instructions on your fusible fleece to adhere it to the lining.

Now, with your fabric right side together, sew your outer fabric down both sides.

You're going to do the same thing with your lining fabric. However, you'll want to leave an inch and a half gap towards the bottom of one of the sides.

Next, turn your lining fabric right side out. Leave your outer fabric inside out.

Stuff the lining into the outer fabric. You'll want to stuff it all the way in. Also, line up your seams.

Take your elastic cord and make a knot to form a loop.

Insert the loop between the two layers with the knot sticking out.

Now, you're going to sew all the way around the top of the case. Go slow! Be careful that you're keeping the other side away from the needle. You don't want to sew the case shut on accident. Also, go back and forth over the elastic a couple of times to make sure its secure.

Pull the lining out of the outer fabric.

Shove the outer fabric down into the lining. Then, grab through the hole in the lining and pull all of the outer fabric through.

Now is a good time to check that your elastic loop is where it should be. Not that I'm writing from experience or anything!

Fold in the raw edges of your lining in and sew the hole shut.

Shove your lining into your outer fabric and ta da! Sunglass Case!

Now, lets talk about my sad, ugly sunglasses. They're old and banged up and all together unhappy. However, I just lost my wonderful hand me down Von Zippers. So I'm saving up to get myself another good pair of sunglasses. Sigh!

I want to thank The Ribbon Retreat for providing me the supplies to make this sunglass case! This is my second time working with them. They have awesome customer service and super fast shipping. If you're in the market for fabric, defiantly check them out!

{While I did receive free fabric, I truly believe they are a great company to work with and said that all on my very lonesome. I wouldn't keep working with them if I didn't believe it!}

Come party with me!

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Skirting the Issue {or pretty fabric!}

Are you all participating in Skirting the Issue? The beyond talented ladies at Simple Simon & Company have charged their readers with giving back using their talents. The goal is to sew 100 skirts for foster girls and have them donate by August 10 {in time for the new school year}.

I recently purchased at Groupon to Madtosh Crafts. They are a new store in town that is mostly focused on beautiful yarn. They do have a fun little stash of fabric. Its the only place that I've been able to locally find Riley Blake's Chevrons. I may or may not have done a little happy dance.

Ok...back to the point of this post. I used my Groupon to buy a butt load of fabric. Oh, the pretty fabric!  I'm excited to have been able to stretch the amount of fabric I could buy because of the Groupon. 

I'm thrilled to get sewing. Now all I have to do is find myself some elastic.

Simple Simon and Co

Go find out more about Skirting the Issue and get sewing! You can mail the skirts you make to the organizations the Simple Simon & Co girls are working with or donate locally. If you're in the DFW area, skirts can be donated to ACH Child and Family Services. They'll be added to the clothes closet on site. Any kiddo can go in there whenever they need new clothes!

ACH Child and Family Services
ATTN: Tina Casey
3712 Wichita Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76119


Just a Moment Monday {or Gratitude}

I am feeling like the luckiest girl in the world right now! I won the June Sponsor Giveaway over at The Grant Life. Kelley truly is one of the sweetest women in all of blog land. And, she has some wonderful and generous sponsors who have spoiled me rotten!

I am so thankful for these kind and generous people! Please check out these fun blogs and darling ladies!

Jessa @ Caked Vintage
Ernestine @ Ernestine Edina
Katie @ The Terp Blog

Have a wonderful Monday!


What's Cookin' #14

I'm realizing now that I missed last week's What's Cookin' and Just a Moment Monday. I'm knee deep in my Research Methods Statistical Data Analysis class. This is supposed to be the most time consuming and hair pulling class of my program.

While the hair pulling is in full swing, I'm excited that I'm about to start my Social Work Field Placement! In September, I'll be working 20 hours a week as an Intervention Specialist for the local school district. I will be working to ensure emotional, physical and social well-being of students to promote academic success.

The best part? I get to work at a dual campus. I'll be working with international newcomers as well as the top academic performers of the district at the Jr. High level. That means I get to partner with recent immigrants and refugees and their families as they make the transition into our community. I'm thrilled and nervous all at once.

So, what are we eating this week?

Sunday: Spicy Pesto Pasta with Tomato Saute and breadsticks

Monday: Parmesan Ranch Chicken with corn

Tuesday: Out or leftovers

Wednesday: Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with rice and snap peas

Thursday: Chicken Pizza with Spicy Plum Sauce

Friday: Shredded Beef Tacos with black beans and corn

Saturday: Buttermilk Herb Chicken with biscuits and salad



Guest Post at Southern Lovely {or talking about baby poop}

Today I've over at Souther Lovely as apart of Lindsay's wonderful "What I Know" series. We're a cloth diapering family. I thought I'd share our experience so far and why we love it! Stop by and say "Hi!"



Double Ruffle Skirt {or swoon}

Emma has reached the stage where she won't stand still to have her picture taken. She's moving all over the place. She's also not yet old enough to bribe into standing still. I think the next couple of months might offer a lot of blurry photos.

Exhibit A. But oh that face! That's her determined to get whatever piece of technology I have in my hands face.

This skirt has been kicking around in my head for a while now. I knew I wanted to make a two layered ruffle skirt. Then, I stumbled upon The Cabbage Rose.

The Cabbage Rose is a wonderful, magical place that I should never go back into. It's a locally owned, wonderfully sweet designer fabric shop with a huge selection. 

I wondered around The Cabbage Rose in a stupor. I was a big old pile of overwhelmed. I ended up buying four different 1/4 yd cuts.

These two fabrics are from the Ruby line by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. I have been swooning over the aqua and coral combination for awhile now. I'm not brave enough to wear it. I'm so glad I finally made something for Emma using the color combo.

This was such a fun and simple skirt to make. I'm sure there will be more of these in my little miss' future.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Come party with me!
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Just a Moment Monday {or childcare drama}

My little miss has been going to a Mom's Day Out program since January. I am over the moon about the two women who watch her. The director is just fabulous. I also blame MDO on Emma walking at ten and a half months old.

So I figured when I started looking for childcare that fit into my field placement schedule it would be easy breezy. Man, was I wrong!

I started out with this excited attitude and made a ton of phone calls. My word, childcare centers are expensive. They also aren't too flexible. So I started looking at home daycares. I met with one woman who was affordable and flexible. She was great over the phone. But there were mostly three year olds and it was just a big old ball of movement. Emma is easily overwhelmed by that much activity. It just didn't feel right.

I made a bunch of other calls and just started to feel so defeated. I shut down. I know I need to get going again. I know there's a great option out there for us. Its just a bit frustrating!

For those of you who have been through this process, what advice can you share?


What's Cookin' #13

Sunday: Parmesan crusted pesto quesadillas with heirloom tomatoes
Monday: Chicken with summer veggies
Wednesday: Enchiladas with Spanish rice and corn
Thursday: Pasta with breadsticks and salad 
Friday: Thai curry with naan
Saturday: Chipotle lime chicken with veggies



Sign up! {or don't forget}

Hi friends! It's almost the weekend. I'm thrilled because my husband has the weekend off for the first time in more than two months. 

I digress.....

I've been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm that the Creative Exchange has been met with. It's not too late to sign up. Just drop me an email at coveredinmodpodge@gmail.com. You have until Sunday at 10pm CST!

Creative Exchange  


New Sibling Gifts {or another excuse to make things}

This weekend, we took dinner to a family who recently added a third kiddo to their bunch. Remember this shower? Well Porter is now here and has already worn the animal shorts. They are stinking cute on!

I couldn't just show up with dinner. I had to bring presents. I wanted Porter's big sister and big brother to have a little something special. 

These cute little hair accessories aren't my handy work. I won them during giveaway day at Sew Mamma Sew. Hannah was so stoked to get them. She's a real girly girl and loves having her hair done. 

I used a Silhouette graphic to create the freezer paper stencil for this cute little guy. It's the second time I've used it for a little man's shirt. I just can't resist it. I used the fabric ink that came with my Silhouette and a toddler top from Joann's.

I wrapped the kiddo's presents up in some brightly colored tissue that I secured using baker's twine. I made it nice and easy for the six and two year olds to open without grown up help.

I made Porter an Easy Peasy Recieving Blanket using this fun flannel from Joann's. Why no pictures of the finished project? Because I totally spazed and forgot to start the blanket until 20 minutes before we had to leave to deliver dinner. I was cutting all the slits in it on our drive.  

Come party with me!


The Creative Exchange {or grown up pen pals}

I'm so excited to announce a project that I've had in the works for a couple of months now. Along with the incomparable Kelley from the Grant life and the darling Brooke from Covered in Grace, I'm hosting The Creative Exchange.

What's The Creative Exchange? I'm glad you asked! The Creative Exchange is a chance for you to be paired with someone and make a new friend. By the end of the month, you'll exchange handmade gifts or craft supplies with your new buddy. 

I've participated in a couple of similar exchanges and had a blast. It's fun getting to know someone new and I'm always amazed at the creativity of my partner. I hope you'll join us!

Please read this whole post before signing up! 
  • What to get in on the fun? Email me at coveredinmodpdoge@gmail.com with "The Creative Exchange" in the subject line.
  • All sign ups must be received by 10pm CST on 7/8/12.
  • Open to US residents only {I'm sorry to any international readers who are interested in participating. This is a bit of a daunting project to take on. We're going to be learning as we go. Hopefully next time around we'll be able to expand this little endeavor.} 
  • Packages must be postmarked by 7/31/12.
  • Packages should be handmade gifts or crafting supplied made and/or selected based on getting to know your partner. Please don't tell your partner to just select something from your Etsy shop.
  • You don't need a blog to participate. 

Come 8/1/12, we'll have a link party showing off all the fun gifts you've made for your partner. 

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section. That way others can see the questions and answers {I'm hoping to cut down on duplicate emails here}.

<img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-pYqxvW6VZBg/T-9nCWg2UcI/AAAAAAAAAxs/axec1xt34KE/s800/creativeexchange.jpg" border="0" alt="Creative Exchange">

Please be sure to check out the blogs of my partners in crime, Kelley from the Grant life and Brooke from Covered in Grace. They are both fantastic. You'll be glad did!