Just a Moment Monday {or childcare drama}

My little miss has been going to a Mom's Day Out program since January. I am over the moon about the two women who watch her. The director is just fabulous. I also blame MDO on Emma walking at ten and a half months old.

So I figured when I started looking for childcare that fit into my field placement schedule it would be easy breezy. Man, was I wrong!

I started out with this excited attitude and made a ton of phone calls. My word, childcare centers are expensive. They also aren't too flexible. So I started looking at home daycares. I met with one woman who was affordable and flexible. She was great over the phone. But there were mostly three year olds and it was just a big old ball of movement. Emma is easily overwhelmed by that much activity. It just didn't feel right.

I made a bunch of other calls and just started to feel so defeated. I shut down. I know I need to get going again. I know there's a great option out there for us. Its just a bit frustrating!

For those of you who have been through this process, what advice can you share?



  1. have u asked one of your daughters present teachers if they would watch her? i know the MDO i sent my son to, alot of the teachers did that. they would bring the kiddos with them and they would get the interaction and the program and then they would go home with them afterwards. just a thot

  2. check this out



  3. Oh, childcare is one of the toughest things to find! With my daughter, we kept her in a home daycare until she was 2. We visited at least 6 different home daycares before I found the one that fit.
    Daycare centers are great (well, most of them) but they do come with a significantly higher price tag. The plus side to those, especially for older toddlers, is that they are grouped in similar ages and get a lot of socialization.
    Good luck!