Three Ingredient Mint Hot Coco for Two

I'm from California. I was raised in San Diego and still think of the Sacramento area as home. I love the snow. But I firmly believe that if there's snow on the ground, I better be in Tahoe with skis trapped to my feet.

Three days after we moved to North Texas, we had the worst snow storm in a century. I felt it was a sign that we should move back home. My husband reminded me about the paycheck in Texas so I begrudgingly decided to stay. The day we moved into our house it was in the 30s, I was five months pregnant, and we had no working heater. Very, very begrudgingly...

Since then, the weather has mostly behaved. We had a small amount of snow last year. It melted by mid day. Well, the weather stopped behaving Thursday. And I'm annoyed. 

Those of you who live in actual cold weather are probably laughing at me. But I'm going to be stuck inside for at least four days with a hard layer of snow, sleet, and ice covering everything. Thankfully I had enough sense to stock up the morning before the storm hit. But my toddler is going totally and completely crazy being stuck inside.

So, the moment I put her down for her nap, I knew I needed a little treat. It's freakishly cold outside {I think 16 is too darn cold!} and I didn't think to buy any decaf tea. I was also out of the wonderful Trader Joe's mint coco mix. 

Well, I improvised. And I'll never make coco another way again!

All you need for two wonderful cups of mint hot coco is:
8 Andes mints
3/4 cup chocolate chips {I used semisweet because it's what I had on hand}
2 1/2 cups plus 1 Tbsp milk, divided

In a small saucepan, melt Andes mints, chocolate chips, and 1 Tbsp milk over medium heat. Stir frequently.

Once chocolate is melted and smooth, add milk 1/2 cup at a time. I found a whisk was the best way to combine everything {I switched to a whisk right after taking this picture}.

Warm to desired temperature.

Serve with giant marshmallows or whip cream.

This creamy mint hot coco takes only five minutes to make and only uses one pan. It's the prefect cold night treat for after you tuck your kiddos in {I'm thinking some peppermint schnapps might be in order}. Trust me, you'll never want to use a mix packet again!  

I know most the country is under ice and snow. I hope you all stay safe and enjoy your "snow" days!

Come party with me!

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