Just a Moment Monday {or shoes!}

My little miss is getting closer to walking every day. We've been mostly shoeless since birth. Heck, we've been mostly sockless. She just won't keep them on. But as we get closer to walking, I'm realizing its nearly time to bite the bullet and get her some shoes. 

So, I'm wondering what tips and tricks you have for keeping your kiddos in shoes. Where is the best place to buy them? What brands are lasting well? How do you make sure your kiddo comes home with both of them?
I love a cute pair of shoes. But between bad knees, funny shaped feet, and a San Diego upbringing, 99% of the time I'm in my Rainbows. But, I'm rather sure her first {and only pair this expensive} shoes will be baby TOMS!


  1. Stride Rite was my favorite "under 5 yo" shoes. They are a little pricey but are made very well. You have a cute blog here! I love the little fort kit idea and pinned it. I am your newest follower. I hope you stop by and visit my blog sometime! http://www.nstitchesdesigns.blogspot.com

    1. I definitely remember going to the Stride Rite store as a kid!

  2. Those are cute. :-) Carrie at Creative Home gave me the Liebster blog award and I'm sharing it with you. Stop over and check it out today. http://feedingfourfood.blogspot.com

  3. can't wait to see a picture of little miss rocking those shoes!

  4. We go with Stride Rite too.. they have 'prewalkers' which are really good for little ones trying to walk. I kept Ryley in prewalkers until she was almost two because they are a lighter shoe and very flexible. I really want to get her some baby Toms though! (Maybe mommy should get some before baby?!) She has a pair of little girl Sperry topsiders that Im dying for her to wear! (still too big)

    Sorry for the long comment.. I really like shoes :)