Loveables {or an awesome new shop!}

Kelley over at The Grant Life has to be one of the sweetest women in blog land. She is always so kind an encouraging. I always feel like someone {other than my best friend who I may blackmail into reading} is reading my blog because Kelley always comments. 

Well Kelley is celebrating two wonderful accomplishments this week! She has reached 200 followers AND she's opening a shop. She's got a great week of giveaways going on over at The Grant Life. You should check it out!

And, please go check out her wonderful little shop, Loveables

First of all, a heart on a sweet little felt bow! How cute is that! Now only if my little miss would keep anything on her head for more than two seconds!

She's also got great yo yo clusters. I love the yellow and grey color combo. Apparently it's a hot color combo for spring {I'm in yoga pants and a free t-shirt from college so you might not want to take my word on fashion!}.

Anyway, go check out Loveables.

{I was not compensated for this post. I just really like Kelley and wanted to highlight a wonderful shop and a great woman.}


  1. Literally the sweetest comment ever! You are so awesome Michaela! What a great way to start my day! :)

  2. Oh.. and Im in sweat pants and free tshirt from my friend! Woot woot! :)

  3. ....i wouldn't say you blackmail me. :)

    'encourage' is a better word. plus everytime i make so much as a cookie you get an email, a text and a facebook message. i'd say it evens out.