Just a Moment Monday {or homework sucks}

I'm currently working on my Master's in Social Work degree through the University of New England. I am apart of their distance learning program. I choose this degree path due to the reputation of UNE in the social work field as well as the flexibility the program offered.

I knew I wanted to get my MSW. I also knew that my husband wasn't going to be able to find the kind of employment he truly wanted in Sacramento. Since he's the bread winner {they don't pay those of us in the helping profession squat diddily}, I knew we'd need to move when he found the right opportunity. Rather than wait around for that to happen and then apply to a program in our new area, I decided to give UNE a go. Had I waited, I would have just been starting a program in August {and driving and 1.5 hrs each way several times a week}. Instead, I'm half way through my degree.

Being in classes and having a nine month old has been challenging. My little miss is endlessly curious and loves to "help" me type. We're at the point now that if I have my computer out, she has to "help." It's made getting homework done frustrating. Its also made doing anything else but homework during her naps hard.

After spending a couple of hours doing homework today, I've decided that homework sucks. This is a conclusion I come to almost every day. Its no new revelation {and its probably not worth sharing with you guys}. Yet, I felt like saying it on a grand scale. So, I'll say it again...HOMEWORK SUCKS!

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. It truly means a lot to me!

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  1. Ha! Homework does suck! But itll be over soon.. and youll be glad you did it!