What's Cookin' #14

I'm realizing now that I missed last week's What's Cookin' and Just a Moment Monday. I'm knee deep in my Research Methods Statistical Data Analysis class. This is supposed to be the most time consuming and hair pulling class of my program.

While the hair pulling is in full swing, I'm excited that I'm about to start my Social Work Field Placement! In September, I'll be working 20 hours a week as an Intervention Specialist for the local school district. I will be working to ensure emotional, physical and social well-being of students to promote academic success.

The best part? I get to work at a dual campus. I'll be working with international newcomers as well as the top academic performers of the district at the Jr. High level. That means I get to partner with recent immigrants and refugees and their families as they make the transition into our community. I'm thrilled and nervous all at once.

So, what are we eating this week?

Sunday: Spicy Pesto Pasta with Tomato Saute and breadsticks

Monday: Parmesan Ranch Chicken with corn

Tuesday: Out or leftovers

Wednesday: Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with rice and snap peas

Thursday: Chicken Pizza with Spicy Plum Sauce

Friday: Shredded Beef Tacos with black beans and corn

Saturday: Buttermilk Herb Chicken with biscuits and salad


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