{Chicken Pizza with Spicy Plum Sauce {a delicious crowd pleaser}

So, I've never come up with a good name for this pizza. I most often call it "Chicken and Veggie Pizza." However, that name makes it sound so very boring. I think I like "Chicken Pizza with a Spicy Plum Sauce." However, that name can be worrisome to those scared by the sound of plum sauce. Whatever its name is, its quite yummy.

This recipe started as an attempt on the part of my MIL to recreate some monthly special Round Table from years ago. When she makes it, its more a pile of toppings with a pizza crust to hold it all together. Its way too much. Then again, she had to feed three teenage boys all at once so I guess that made sense. I have reduced the veggies so everything is a bit more balanced. 

1 chicken breast
1 small or 1/2 a large carrot, peeled
1 medium green bell pepper
1 medium zucchini
small can pineapple "tidbits"
1 jar plum sauce {I use the Dynasty brand. In California, I could buy it at any grocery store. Here in Texas, I can only find it at a specialty market and Target.}
Chili oil
2 cups shredded mozzarella
1 pizza crust {Here's my favorite recipe}

You'll start out by making the sauce. Combine the jar of plum sauce with 1/2 TBSP with chili oil. This will make the recipe very mild. Taste and add more as needed. We use 1 TBSP. 

Thinly slice all of the veggies. Then, cut chicken into bite sized pieces. 

In a large saucepan, cook chicken until done. Meantime, saute veggies in a small saucepan.

Once the chicken has cooked, add veggies to the chicken. Then add half of the sauce.

Now, a word about pizza stones. Do you have one? If not, buy one immediately. They make your pizzas amazing, biscuit tops browed without burning the bottoms, and cookies simply delicious. 

So, back to the pizza. If you're using a pizza stone, put the stone in the over while it preheats. Spread out the dough and pre-bake it for 10 minutes.

Spread on the remaining sauce, half the cheese, the chicken/veggie combo, and the pineapple {pineapple is icky so it's only on half!}. 

Then, top with the remaining cheese and pop that beauty into the oven.

Check your pizza after 15 minutes. Its done when the cheese is bubbly and brown.

Then, enjoy!

Let me know if you have a good idea for what to name this sucker. I need some help for sure.

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  1. nom nom nom!! You can come cook for us anytime :)

  2. Now I'm hungry and drooling all over my keyboard :) This looks so good!!

  3. I would love for you to share this on my linky party!
    Thanks, Marcie