Father's Day Gift Idea's {or getting a head start}

First, I need to start this post out by saying if you're married to me you shouldn't be reading this.

I'm getting a head start of Father's Day ideas. The weekend before Father's Day is Emma's birthday. We're having a party and family from out of state will be here for the better part of a week. I've got a ton of projects to get working on for it. Plus, I'm too cheap to pay for shipping so I want at least get my Dad's present done by then. Why ship when I can make him take it home with him!?! I figured I'd share my research with you so that you might pretend to be on top of things too!

Father's Day Soda Bottle Covers by Amy @ The Idea Room
Want to give your soda a tie? Well Amy provides darling, free printables to make that happen.

DIY Monogramed Mug by Gabby @ Design Mom
These are simple to make and low cost. You could even let your little ones doodle on the mugs! Some version of these delightful mugs will likely be made for my dad as apart of a tea gift set.

Upcycled Luggage Accessories by Jenny @ Craft Test Dummies
My Dad used to travel all the time. He also owns about a million ties {all ugly and from the 80s} that he never wears. I wish knew about this sooner!

Scrabble Picture Frame by Lariss @ Just Another Day in Paradise
A couple of weekends ago, I finally found a Scrabble set at the Goodwill. Looks like I might have found my first project using my newly acquired tiles.

Father's Day Photo Collage by Amy @ Positively Splendid
Some variation of this collage would be a sweet tradition to start with kids. Next Father's Day my little miss should be talking!

Paper Crave provides a free template for these cute little gift bag/boxes. The customization possibilites are endless with these guys!

Grill Rubs by Molly from the Creative Maven @ KoJo Designs
Molly provides three yummy sounding rub recipes. I Pinned these suckers when I first read this post last year. I think I may hold off until Christmas, but I will certainly be making these.

So there you have it...seven DIY Father's Day ideas. I'd love to know what you're making your Dad and/or your Husband!

Come party with me!

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