What I Received {or a good day}

So you know when you're having one of those days and something little just changes it all around. Well last week I was having one of those days. I put little miss down for a nap and went to check the mail. I found my package from my Package Pal and was just blown away.

I warn you, there are a ton of pictures here. I couldn't help myself. Everything was beautifully packaged and presented. Each item was thoughtfully purchased or made. I was just blown away by Clarissa's kindness.

What...a pin cushion with a slot for scissors. Who knew! I've already put this little guy to good use.
Who knew they made felt buttons! I will be making some fun headbands with these bad boys soon!

She even included a sweet little necklace for my little miss. She was so generous. It really blew me away!


  1. I'm so glad you liked it! :) I had a lot of fun putting it together!
    Have a lovely day~!


  2. That surely is a beyond sweet gift and it would have definitely made my day too!

  3. What a sweet bundle of crafty goodness! I bet you can't wait to play with it all!

  4. Wow!! You are a lucky duck! Its all amazing! :)

  5. What is a package pal, and how do I get one? This looks like so much fun!!!