Ruffled Heart Shirt {a Valentine's Day craft}

I shared this 30 minute Valentine's Day shirt that can be worn all year long over at The Grant Life last week. I wanted to make sure you all got the chance to check it out. I have put Emma in this top twice a week since I made it. I'm just in love!

Want to make your own? You'll need:
A plain t-shirt
1/8 yard of fabric {for toddlers...you'll need more for a bigger kiddo}
Rotary cutter/mat
Disappearing ink pen
Iron/ironing board
Heart template

This project requires some ironing. Ick. But you don't have to pin, so be sure to take the time to iron.

Start out by ironing the shirt to and fabric to have good materials to work with.

For a toddler, cut your fabric into two strips measuring 2 inches by 22ish inches {half of whatever your length of fabric happens to be}. You'll need to do three strips for a bigger kiddo.

Fold a strip in half, right sides together, hot dog style. Sew up the long side using your presser foot as  your seam allowance.

Turn your tube and press well, hiding the seam. Repeat for the second tube.

Now, its time to ruffle. There's all sorts of ruffling methods out there. If you have a favorite, use that. If not, use mine!

Set your stitch length to the longest you can and your tension to the tightest {for me this is a 0}. This will help your fabric ruffle up all on its own. While you sew, hold the thread right next to the spool with a bit of pressure. This will make the fabric ruffle like crazy without having to pull infuriating strings!

So, for this project, you'll want to sew a ruffling stitch right down the middle of both your fabric strips. Make sure you tuck in all of the ends so you don't end up with a fraying mess after the wash.

If you're the free handing type, draw a heart onto your shirt using your disappearing ink pen. If you're like me and that idea scares you, make a template and trace it.

Starting at the bottom of the heart, sew the ruffle to the shirt. Back stitch to start. Follow the pen marking. Go slow and turn often. Leave your needle down and lift your presser foot adjusting as needed.

At the top of the heart, back stitch. Then, add the second ruffle. Be sure that you overlap the two ruffles so there's no gap. When you get to the bottom of the heart, overlap and back stitch.

Ta-da! You're set.

Want to make a matching hair clip? Come on over to Covered in Mod Podge and I'll show you how!

Have a blast dressing up your little ones for Valentine's Day. I just melt over toddlers all dressed up in pink and ruffles!

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