First Time Children's Consignment Sale Shopper Tips

This post is brought to you by Just Between Friends Fort Worth. The love it professes is all my own. Please check out my Disclosures page if you have any questions!

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By now, I'm sure you are all getting used to by biannual love letter to Just Between Friends Fort Worth. What can I say? I'm smitten with this sale!

For those of you who might be new around here, JBF Fort Worth is the largest in Texas consignment sale for kids clothes and gear and maternity item. Held at the Will Roger's Center, this sale is giant. It's like a Costco filled with just gently used kid's clothes, toys, and gear.

The enormity of it all can be daunting. I've heard people say they don't shop JBF Fort Worth because its just too overwhelming for them. The sheer size of the sale is what I love about it. More stuff = a better selection. It allows me to get everything I could need for my daughter for the season for 60% {or more} off of retail.

I've been shopping JBF Fort Worth since before my daughter was born {over three years now}. So, I want to give first time shoppers some hints, tips, and tricks that I've picked up over the years. {Thinking of consigning for the first time? Check out this post!}

1. Come prepared!
Take inventory of your kiddo's closet. What are they going to need for the upcoming season? Are there any special outfits {holidays, birthday} that you should be keeping an eye out for? Speaking of birthdays, are there presents for your kiddos or friends you should be looking for? Going in with a list of needed items helps reduce the "holy cow there's a ton of stuff here" feeling. It also helps me make sure I don't walk out with a ton of stuff I don't need.

2. Bring something to haul your goods in!
I always bring a white plastic laundry basket to load up with my goods. I just kick down the aisle with me as I browse. Keep in mind, this is just shopping for one toddler and I normally get very little toys/gear. Scale accordingly. Lots of shoppers bring large laundry baskets, trash cans on wheels {used just for sales} or garment racks. Making a list should help you know how big of a hauling device you should plan to bring.

3. Use the hold section and sold tags!
If you're planing on shopping for larger items, the hold section and sale tags will be your friends. You can snag hold tags from the tables just outside the sale. These little gems will help you not have to haul around a whole crib with you while shopping for clothes. You can also take advantage of the hold area at the back of the sale. I use the hold section for larger items that I'm debating about while I do the rest of my shopping.

4. Look for high desired items first!
Wagons are the holy grail of this sale. Especially during the spring sale! Oh for the want of a good quality, great price wagon! What I wouldn't give {as long as it's less than $40} for a great wagon! It you're looking for wagons, pack and plays, and other larger item that every parent needs for a new kiddo, go there first thing. Then, use the sold tags or hold section.

5. Shop early!
There are a host of ways to get into the sale early. One amazing opportunity to get in early for soon to be or first time parents {including adoptive parents} is to register as a First Time Parent. By registering online by February 27, you and a guest get in between 3pm and 8pm on March 1st. That's before the general public. You can also Volunteer or Consign to get in before everyone else. Not an option for you? Try shopping after the mid-sale drop off. I am a firm believer that the early bird gets the worm at this sale! Check out the full calendar here!

Are you excited to shop? Well JBF Fort Worth is giving one lucky reader $15 to get their shopping spree off to a great start. I'm serious...$15 at JBF goes such a long way! Enter using the Rafflecopter below.

As a side note, I'm now on Instagram! Be sure to follow along for a live Instagraming session on March 1st at 8am {ish. Let's face it...It's a Saturday morning. Sometimes getting out of bed and off somewhere kiddo free doesn't always go as planed.}. I'll be sharing my finds as well as some other great deals as I shop at JBF Fort Worth!


  1. Great tips for first timers and good reminders for veterans!

  2. I am due Mar 3 and am worried I won't be able to enjoy then sale due to its (and my) size.

  3. My best tip is to come with a list and a laundry basket! I not only buy clothes for my kids, but birthday toys, book and movies to put back for stocking stuffers, as well. Know what you are looking for and it will go much more smoothly. (And, just prepping yourself mentally on how LARGE this sale is, really helps with first time jitters.) :)