My Just Between Friends Fall/Winter Sale Deals {or I really do lovethis sale!}

Last Saturday was my twice a year adventure in massive bargain hunting. I really do love shopping at Just Between Friends Fort Worth. It's the largest sale of its kind in Texas, which is saying something. So, it can be overwhelming. I defiantly feel like I have to be mentally prepared and have a plan. Once I have a list and some coffee, I am thrilled to go out bargain hunting!

I just can't stand how good the deals are! I was able to score an entire winter wardrobe for my daughter (minus a coat...last year's still fits), a pair of brand new sparkly Toms knock offs, and some dress up gear all for $83! You read that right! $83 tinny ones!

So here's this year's run down. I got:
9 long sleeved shirts (three Gap, two Old Navy, one Carter's, one Cherokee, one Circo, and one Oshkosh B'gosh)
2 pairs of jeans (one Gap, one Old Navy)
2 long sleeved play dresses (one Gap, one Carter's with matching leggings)
1 pair of leggings that look like skinny grey chinos (Oshkosh B'gosh)
1 pair Carter's footed PJs
1 ADORABLE lime green polka dot cardigan (Circo)
A big old bag of play jewelry
A tutu
A train conductor hat
A pair of fairy wings
Brand new Grey sequined Circo brand Toms knock offs 
And the grand score...A Cinderella dress with matching new in box shoes and crown (for only $6!)

I anticipate having to pick up a pair of leggings or two, I will make her Christmas dress, and I may (who are we kidding...will) eventually succumb to some cute top on a whim at Target. Other than that, my little one is set for winter. Plus the dress up items are going to be a Christmas present. Winner! 

I am thrilled with my scores this go around. I think it's my best trip to JBF yet! 

Have any of you gone to the half price sales at JBF? I have yet to brave one. I'm worried that all the great stuff will have already been picked over. I would love to hear your experiences!

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  1. Great finds! I love the half price sale. I always go in the beginning of the sale and get pretty much all that I want but then I head back for 1/2 price and see if there are any treasures to find! I have found some nice dresses, play clothes and a few random toys that were great for 1/2 price!