Just a Moment Monday {or a really bad paint job}

How is it Monday again already?

When we moved to Texas, we rented our first house. We were giddy at the prospect to be in a house with no neighbors upstairs singing at three am. Plus, the management company said we could paint the walls nearly any color we wanted! 

We were drunk with power. As soon as we got the keys we got paint paint samples. We painted our room without power and before any of our stuff showed up. Well this plan came back to bite us in the butt.

We ran out of paint right at the very end. We had like half of one wall and the ceiling line of two and a half walls left. So I skipped off to Lowe's with the little number sticker that comes on the top of a paint can. I went to the closest Lowes, which was not the store we bought the first paint can at. By the time I got back, we were loosing light and started painting quickly.

We finished up, cleaned up, and didn't come back to the house for three days. When I walked into the room, I was mortified. Apparently different paint machines put out slightly different paint. And, as a result, several of our walls were two-toned.

I've been toughing it out ever since. We haven't had the time, energy, or budget to fix the problem. A couple of weeks ago, something inside of me broke. I stared yelling at the walls. {Let's blame sickness and sleep depravation for that little episode.} So, I've started saving money to deal with the problem.

I liked the color of the paint for the bedding we had then. However, we got new bedding for Christmas.  So I want a fresh look for the room to go with the fresh bedding. Here's a link to the bedding that does a much better job of showing the color.

So, I ask you...What color should I be painting my walls? Do you have any paint horror stories?

Come PARTY with me!


  1. I'm not for sure what color your bedding is. It looks like a silvery gray, is that right? That's pretty neutral so a light green, like sea foam or even a darker sagey kind of green would be pretty. Oh, a turquoise would be awesome. Good luck! Oh and my paint horror story, we painted our family room a dark brown color only when we were finished it looked almost purpleish in the light. I was sick. I don't know if it has just grown on me or it did change color a little as it fully cured, but now it's like chocolate milk color. I like it.

  2. I like the turquoise suggestion. Or, some form of a silvery-blue. I have a gray-blue in my bedroom accented with white and I love it. My suggestion to you is - buy good paint. And if the walls were modge podged (why?) you definitely want to prime them. If you have a Benjamin Moore store near you, that is my favorite. Take one of your shams with you. The people that work in the store near me are EXCELLENT - hopefully they will be in your store, too. They may be able to offer you some suggestions. They have large paint samples (about 5x7) that you can take home to try. Second choice would be Sherwin Williams.

    My paint horror story: When my grandmother's health was failing, my mom had to suddenly leave for Florida to help her mom and bring her to their house. She called me in desperation and asked me to do whatever it took to get their spare room ready. I had a few days to transform a room (that used to be a garage) into a nice home for my grandmother. I found a pretty comforter and took it to the paint store to match the green color. I won't mention the store name, but it wasn't Benjamin Moore. The paint was SO dark, I knew my mom would faint when she saw it. The lady said, "Oh, we can just add some white paint to lighten it." I agreed. I shouldn't have. We took it home and painted the walls. Oh my. Well, it looked like a "Florida room". It was a horrible version of sea-foam green. Learned a few lessons that day!

  3. Well no horrer stories yet for painting but I do have a few wall paper ones.

    As for color I would go for a light gray like the sheets they have in the bedding link you listed.

  4. I work for an unnamed-right-now hardware store, and I was mortified at how little training they give people. Immediately I set about educating people as much as I could about paint and matching and colors. Sadly, I wish you better luck in the future with paint! Remember the paint doesn't have to be $$$$$$ to be good, its all about materials, how well you follow the specs, and of course, lighting :)