A Few Amazing Posts {or kicking my rear into gear}

There have been amazing Valentine's Day projects all over blog land for a couple of weeks now. I have barely considered V-Day. I came to the realization today that if I don't get a move on soon I'll have to take stuff down as soon as I get it up. I wanted to share with you all some really wonderful crafts and decorations that are helping get me in the V-Day crafting mood.

Holly @ My Sister's Suitcase created these amazing Ombre Love {Yarn} Letters.

I'm in love {haha...love...get it?} with Emily @ 52 Mantles Sweetheart banner.

This Felt Heart Garland by Alison @ Oopsey Daises uses fun, non-traditional colors to brighten up her room.

Jody @ Homey Home Designs turns adorable PJs into a great wreath. I really should start working on my February Wreath seeing as February starts Wednesday!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing my wreath! You made my day!

  2. I havent decorated either.. but I kinda dont like Valentines day. Shh.. I havent told anyone. :) Haha.

    I do enjoy the fun things other make.. and I cant wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Thank you SO much for featuring my heart garland!! :) Made my day!

  4. Thanks for featuring me!! You rock :)

    Not get busy! Ha, only kidding.