Wedding Activity Books {or fun for the kiddos}

{Super Cool Wedding Activity Books}

The wedding I went to this last weekend was for a dear friend from college.  She married a fun, kind man and I couldn't be more happy for the two of them. 

When I got married Tif was amazing. She helped set everything up and made my big day look beautiful. I jumped at the chance to help her out. There was all kinds of fun icing cupcakes and setting up the wedding with the little miss strapped to me in her carrier. She was in a mommy kick as we traveled, so it made setting up really interesting. However, the wedding turned out fabulously!

I made some sweet little activity books for the kiddos to color and play with during the reception. There's just so much sitting and watching during wedding receptions...I wanted them to have something to keep them busy and well entertained before all the fun dancing started. 

I used these amazing activity books from Chelsea at Lovely Indeed. It was a wonderfully done book. When printing it, I goofed and didn't do a double sided print. So I made the best of it and deiced that meant the kiddos had extra blank pages to let there imaginations go wild with. {At least that's what I told myself to keep me from throwing a box of crayons across the room at goodness knows what hour of the night before a way to early in the morning flight.}

In order to make the books, I folded them in half and then hole punched the top and bottom. 

I got to play with baker's twine for the first time. I got a great deal on Devine Twine from Scrap Pantry on Etsy. While I would defiantly recommend this shop, the yardage came in two cuts. If for some reason you need 20 continuous yards, you might want to include that a message to the seller.

I loved using the bakers twine to bind the books. I just treaded it through the holes and then tided a knot that I hid inside. A bow on the outside would have looked adorable. But, I didn't want to give little hands a way to take the book apart.

I put the books on the tables where the kiddos were sitting {per the bride's request} and paired them with a pack of crayons. I found a 24 pack of Rose Art crayons for 47 cents at Target. While I'm not a fan of Rose Art, I didn't know the kiddos. And since Rose Art are Gluten Free, I didn't have to worry about a kiddo being left out. Also, it was easier just to buy these little boxes than have to break up a big box of Crayolas. 


  1. I seriously LOVE this idea!! I actually pinned this awhile back, and plan on putting some together for our wedding in April!! I love how your turned out!!

    1. Thanks so much. I like how they turned out. They were quick and easy. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  2. These are such a great idea. My cousin is getting married this summer, so I will pass the idea along to her. I'm sure that she will love it!

    1. I hope she enjoys them. I'd love to see what she does! I just loved this amazing book that Chelsea at Lovely Indeed did!

  3. Now, that is a great idea! I've never seen anyone do that, but I can think of several weddings we've been to where they would have been awfully useful! Would you share here?


  4. Total AWESOMENESS!!! Genius! Thanks for linking up at Overflowing with Creativity! Here's a link in case you want to register for my giveaway!

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    XO, Aimee

  5. I love how you did these, especially with the blank pages...I have been trying unsuccessfully for days to download the template from the Lovely Indeed website. Is there any way you could e-mail it to me, I would be eternally grateful as would all of the kids at my upcoming wedding...My e-mail address is broomracer71@yahoo.com.