Just a Moment Monday {or I've officially lost my mind}

My little miss is a champ. She is great on airplanes. She smiles, giggles, and is all together cheery. She'll get a little fussy when she gets hungry or tired. But overall, she isn't too bad to get stuck next to on an airplane.

But then we get wherever we're going and I want to cry. She goes to sleep on west cost time and then wakes up on central time. So 4 am rolls around and she is so very excited to be awake {silly morning baby!}. The little miss forgets to nap but doesn't forget to be fussy. She does great with other people when we're at home. But traveling is just too much for her. So she wants to spend most of the time in my arms. Its sweet that I am her comforter, but a girl has got to pee sometime!

{sorry for the iPhone photo}
When we travel, she sleeps in this awesome little baby tent. It cracks me up. I'm not sure its her favorite thing, but its light and portable. Since we fly most of the time, that's a must. 

While I will loose my mind with all of this clingy and no sleep baby, I'm happy we schlepped ourselves out here. We came to California to see a college friend get married. We're at the point in our lives where someone is getting married every other month. We've missed the last couple of weddings because of the distance, the cost, or being too pregnant to drive to the grocery store let alone want to fly across the country. {And, we'll be back in California again in a couple of months for another wedding....some of these you just can't miss!}

It was the first time many of my friends had meet my little miss. We're the first of the group to have kids. Its really funny...some of these guys have no clue what to do with a kid! But there is a lot of joy in seeing people important to you make your baby smile.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing all kinds of wedding and travel related fun. I mad my little miss' dress as well as activity books for the kiddos at the wedding. I also made airline bribes to keep happy neighbors! I hope they can make your travels a little better {or your little miss a little cuter on your next special occasion!}.


  1. Traveling is so hard on the little ones! They just want to be home. Cant wait to see her dress!

  2. Hi there... I just wanted to let you know that I passed an award on to your blog. Check it out...http://littlebeckyhomecky.blogspot.com/2012/01/feeling-love.html