Yarn Wrapped Letters {or i'm done with yarn wrapping for awhile}

So between these letters and the trees on the mantel, I'm defiantly not going to be wrapping anything else in yarn for awhile. 

These little cutties were made from Dollar Store foam board and yarn bought with a 40% off coupon. I still have tons of foam board left, so this was a super affordable project. 

I used a plate to trace the "O" and then used the "O" to judge the size for the other letters. It would have been easier to just print the letters off and then trace. However, I was out of printer paper and didn't want to waste card stock on this.

I used hot glue every inch or so while wrapping to keep things from getting wonky. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with my leftover red and green yarn. I am hopeless with crochet and knitting needles. Just hopeless. Any suggestions?

Here's an action shot. {Really....its just another excuse to show off my mantel.}

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