Coffee Filter Wreath {or its so fluffy!}

Coffee filter wreaths are floating all over blogland these days. I decided I'd have a go at it. I'm thrilled I did!

So while making my coffee filter wreath for my Christmas mantel, I just kept thinking that it looked so full and fluffy. It didn't take long to exclaim "Its soooooo fluffy!" a la Despicable Me.

{And now for your viewing pleasure...}

{And now back to your regularly scheduled post...}

I'm impressed how this wreath went from looking like a hot mess to exactly what i wanted in a short time. If you give this a shot, don't worry....you'll get pass the hot mess stage.

I used a plumbing tube for my wreath form. After a tragic fail the first time around, I decided to give it another go. If so many people were saying to use these little 97 cent wonders worked, I figured I was the problem. Then, one day during my normal waisting of time on Pinterest, I discovered a way to fix my problem. Now, I suck and I don't have the link to share. I also feel awful about not being able to give proper credit where its due. Please, please, please let me know where I should be giving credit to if you've seen the post with this amazing trick.

Basically, you pull the tubing apart along the perforation. Then, you roll one side in on the other. You use hot glue to secure it. Make sure you work in small sections and hold it down until the glue cools. This is one of the more time consuming parts of the project. After you've glued the whole thing, duck tape it into a ring. I had to squish it around a little after taping to get it into a circle. Because the tubing is grey and I was working with white, I glued a layer of left over white felt down before I got started.

Now there are tons of different tutorials on coffee filter wreaths out there. {You can check out some here, here, and here like I did.} I didn't do anything that reinvented the wheel here. However, most of these tutoirals suggest using two or more packs of dollar store coffee filters. I only used one pack of filters from the dollar store. In fact, I was done with three left over. Annoyed, I just shoved the three into random places. Yah...I'm occasionally a vindictive crafter. 

This is quite the fluffy wreath. I think that it would be a little overwhelming on my door. But I like how it looks up on my mantel. I think it balances out the Christmasy colors of my other decorations. 

Here's an action shot.

{You can find the Christmas Mantel post here.}


  1. ohhhh... so fluffy! hehe.. I totally thought of that part when I saw the title of your post. great wreath.. and thanks for the tip on how to secure the tubing! Ive never used it but I may have to try asap.

  2. Your mantel looks so Christmas pretty. I love it.

  3. I clicked over from your comment on my baby shoes project and was browsing around a bit. Love the Despicable Me reference! Did you see my daughter was a minion for Halloween? Commenting from my phone so I don't have the link - sorry... Love your projects!