Necklace Refashion {or a cheap way to get a new necklace}

With the little miss around, we're lying low for this year's post-Thanksgiving shopping madness. Don't get me wrong, I perused Target yesterday {at noon}, but did so on my own. So we're having a relaxing weekend full of football. It's giving me plenty of time to be craftsy. I'm thrilled! 

First on my list for this weekend was creating myself a new necklace. A couple of years ago I found a really cute necklace at an SPCA thrift store. The best part....it was like $2.50. However, I didn't have any cash and there was a $5 minimum charge for plastic. So, I just had to get another necklace. I picked up this little beauty.

While I really like this necklace, I've never worn it much. it always hit me a little weird. So, I decided to try to deal with its awkward length. Ribbon was my solution! 

First, I played with the necklace to see how I could get it to fall nicely on me. 

I bought about a yard of black grosgrain ribbon and then cut it in half.

I laid one side of the ribbion under one of the points I wanted to attach the ribbon to. I then added some hot glue and wrapped the ribbon around the necklace. 

{Sorry for the fuzzy picture.}

I repeated the above on the other side of the necklace. 

Finally, I cut the ribbon edges on a angle and then added some Fray Check.

And vola! A new necklace for the cost of a yard of ribbon {bought with a coupon!}, some hot glue, and a necklace I already had!

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