Handmade Christmas, Part 3 {or placemats for grandma}

My husband's grandma often hosts dinners at her house. She frequently has over friends and is often the location for large family gatherings. So, thinking about something she could use, I thought of placemats. They may not be the most exciting gift, but she is all about functionality when it comes to gift giving.

Her house has beautiful, deep wood floors. There is also a lot of purple and flowers in the house. Hence, the fabric selection. It's not my cup of tea, but it defiantly reminds me of the husband's grandma. 

These were a quick sew. I look all over at tutorials, but just decided to wing it. They are approximately 16inX21in. I say approximately, because the fabric was so poorly cut that I more or less just squared up the fabric and cut in half. There are four different fabrics. Each placemat has two different fabrics. I sewed right sides together, trimmed corners, turned, and then top stitched. If I end up with time before Christmas, Im going to make some cloth napkins to go with.

I can't wait to see them on her table come Christmas!

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  1. Those are cute.. I love the fabric you used :)

  2. What a great idea Michaela! I am sure that she will love them! I love handmade gifts...they are my most favourite thing in the whole world! Angie xo