Handprint Ornament {or painting with a baby}

Both mine and my husband's families have traditions of giving each other ornaments every year. There's some debate about when these ornaments should be exchanged. Regardless of this debate, my husband and I now exchange an ornament each year. With the birth of the little miss, we knew we wanted to continue this tradition with her.

I got my inspiration of her first ornament from Mandy at a sorta fairytale. Her handprint ornament for her little man was stunning. I loved the simplicity of it. I decided to take my own messy spin on it.

I used white ornaments from Hobby Lobby {they were out of clear two weeks in a row...ugh}, a crimson acrylic paint, a glass paint marker, and lots of wipes to clean up.

I stuck a sans clothing little baby in her high chair and armed myself with a paint brush and an assistant {thanks Auntie Liz!}. After painting her hand and plopping it on the ornament, the above is what I got. Craft fail!

Luckily, I had five more. Round two went much better. I liked it so much that I used two more to give to the grandparents. There was lots of cleaning up baby, myself, and my assistnat. After they dried, my assistant {who has way better handwriting skills than I do} added "{little miss} 2011" to the other side.

All it needed was a cute little ribbon and it was ready for the tree.

Come party with me!


  1. So Simple and SO Perfect! Thanks for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity!!! XO!