Handmade Christmas, Part 4 {or a laptop case and accessories pouch for MIL}

My mother in law has recently gone back to school to earn her BSN. In order to help with her schooling, she got a new laptop. So, a laptop case seemed like a logical gift choice. I also wanted to make her a case to hold her charger, flash drive, ear buds, and the like. I was always forgetting those things when I was in school! I figured a central location would help.

The wonderfully amazing and completely time consuming Pinterest helped me come across this beautiful sleeve by Liz over at Say Yes to Hoboken. It looked sophisticated but its thick enough to be functional. I was sold.

Lucky me, the bolts of thick felt happened to be on sale over at hobby lobby. I bought an inch wider than the measurement of my MIL's laptop. I have a ton left over....I'm thinking my bro just might need a laptop case as well!

I followed Liz's instructions to the letter {other than the pinning...let's face it, I tend not to pin}. I love the results. I used fold over elastic, because that's what I had. Simple, elegant, and it sure doesn't look homemade. It reminds me of this line over at West Elm.

My MIL's favorite color is purple. I really wanted to make the case some shade of purple, but they didn't have any purple felt. After making the case, I decided it needed an accessory holding friend.  I came up with the idea to add an accessories case after my fabric store run. So, I had to go with what I had on hand. I had some purple scraps and this fun black patterned fabric so I decided ruffles were the answer! This is just a quick and dirty basic pouch using velcro, much like this. I just sewed the ruffles on the top to cover the elastic.

{Want to catch up with the rest of the series? Check out Part 1, 2, and 3.}

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