Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree {or how cheap can I be?}

Let me start out this post by saying my local Dollar Store sucks. They don't carry foam wreath forms {and looked at me like I was nuts when I asked}, they are no longer carrying hot glue gun sticks, and apparently they decided to be out of poster board the day I went. As anyone with young children will attest to, some day going to another store just isn't an option. So this is a tale about how I tried to save like a dollar and ended up spending three.

I was planning on making yarn wrapped Christmas trees out of poster board. Since they were out and my little miss was really quite done with shopping for the day, I found tree foam forms. I wanted them to be different heights, so I got creative.

I started by hot gluing different height TP rolls to the base. {Yes, I was too lazy to take the stickers off. You can guess what that means for the plastic!}

Then, I hot glued card stock to the trees to create a place to wrap the yarn around and to continue the shape of the tree.

Here's my little forest pre-green.

I tacked the yarn every inch or so with hot glue.

I then hot glued on these little felt balls that I got at Joann's. The "star" on top is just three yellow ones guled together.

Are you getting sick of seeing my mantel yet?

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  1. Great idea with the TP rolls on the cones. I made some candy corns for Halloween and I really wanted them to be different sizes, but Walmart only had the one size. My dollar store doesn't have the cone forms :(