Handmade Christmas, Part 2 {or knit produce bags for a friend}

As I touched on before, most presents this Christmas are going to be homemade. I have a dear friend from college who I lived with just before I got married. {She's the very sweet friend who provided little miss with this onesie.} She's someone I still exchange presents with. Well she is always looking for ways to reduce her footprint. She's also a big fan of the local farmer's market {which I miss terribly}. So, I set out to make her some produce bags.

These bags made by Delia over at Delia Creates were my inspiration. I didn't have t-shirts that I was willing to part with, so I picked up a yard of knit on sale. I really like the teal color!

I just cut various sized rectangles and sewed them up using a straight stich and then a zig-zag stich so the seams would be strong. After turning them right side out, I folded them in half and cut slits a little willy nilly. I then added in the handel. It was a low cost, low stress, high reward project. Next time I see a good knit sale I'll be making some for myself.

{If you'd like to see part one of this series, click here.}

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