Onesie to Dress Refashion {or we're the real Aggies}

My hubby and I met during undergrad at the University of California, Davis. I graduated with a degree in sociology and hubby got his BS and MS in mechanical engineering. Even after the hubby finished his master's we stayed in the area. Both of us loved our time at Davis and have a lot of Aggie pride.

Since moving to Texas, we have made friends with a lot of Texas A&M grads. They're under the silly impression that they're the Aggies. Really, I guess we can both be the Aggies as long as they're aware we're the better Aggies. A dear friend thought it was necessary we got this point across.

So, she sent us a darling onesies for little miss. This 3-6m onesie was a good size {meaning lots of room to grow} everywhere but in length. For some reason it was SUPER short. So, I decided to take matters into my own, rotary cutter armed hands.

I decided to turn the onesie into a dress. It just so happened that I had a white shirt with a bit of a hole in it. It made for a perfect skirt fabric.

I measured how long I wanted the skirt to be on little miss and then marked where I wanted to cut the shirt with a pin.

I then used my rotary cutter and sliced that sucker up. And then I yelled at my rotary cutter that has a propensity to fall apart.

Next, I ran a basting stich {my first basting stich none the less} and pulled to gather the skirt.

Next, I picked a random {I mean carefully considered} spot on the onesie and marked it with a pin.

Another go with the rotary cutter. This time, no catastrophic failure. 

I pinned the right side together.

And then did my best to sew a straight line.

And ta-da...UC Davis dress. I can't wait for little miss to parade this dress around church next Sunday! 

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  1. Thanks, this is just what I've been looking for!

  2. It turned out so cute!! Thanks for linking up with us at Show & Share! Can't wait to see what you link up this week!


  3. This is so cute and fun (and easy, I hope) I've gotta try this. And the main reason I HAD to read this was the title. I'm not sure where in Cali you are from, but the Northern Utah town I'm in has the real, true, Aggies. Just thought I'd let you know. Love it!! And blue to boot!

  4. famr_4ever: Thanks for stoping by! I hope you do try it. It was super easy. My little miss doesn't take more than 45 min naps and I got it done a single nap session. I think we might have to have a bit of a discussion about who the "real" Aggies are! ;)