Whale Lovey {or I need to learn how to slip stitch}

I was looking through all the wonderful tutorials at Craftiness is not Optional and came across this adorable whale lovey. I immediately knew I had to make it! I printed off the pattern (which if you click on the link to Google Docs and then click download link on the right you can get) and went to my stash to find the right fabric. 

I gathered my supplies and it was off to the races.

I printed out the pattern at 75%. Little Miss is only four months old and I wanted something that she could grab on to. 

I taped the two pieces together and then pinned the pattern to fabric folded. I didn't want to have to cut out the pattern twice!

I cut out two eyes out of felt. {Don't worry...I eveneed them up before I sewed them on!}

Because I didn't have another color of felt that I thought would work, I just colored the eyes in with Sharpie.

Make sure you sew your eyes on before you do any other steps! {I nearly forgot!}

Pin, right sides together and sew. Leave a 2 in. gap in the bottom for turning and stuffing.

Make sure you clip the tail. I was really impressed with how well the tail turned!

Turn right side out.

I wanted to add jungle bells for a little bit of sensory fun. In order to reduce the likelihood of a problem if this cute little whale busts open, I used a scrap and sewed a little pouch.

Stuff this guy full. I used a chopstick to help get the stuffing up in the tail. {Make sure you overstuff the sucker. Polyfill settles!}

Hand stitch this little guy closed and you're good to go! I need to learn how to slip stitch so that I can close up these loveies in a neater fashion. 

I think I'll be making more for friends' little ones and for baby shower gifts!

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  1. o i made these before..yours is much cuter, i love it:) great job

  2. Hee, so very cute and fun!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!