What's Cookin' #4

As I may have said before, I grocery shop every three weeks and then pick up fresh fruits and veggies from a local specialty market in between trips to tide us over. Well I need to make that trip tomorrow so I don't know what will be accompanying the main dishes yet. Don't worry, I promise I'll eat my fruits and veggies {but not any of the ucky ones!}.

Sunday: Leftovers

Monday: Chicken Veggie Pizza {I've never come up with a good name for this wonderful pizza. I'll be taking pictures and posting the recipe next week. Then you too can join in on the yumminess.}

Tuesday: Creamy pasta with zucchinis and tomatoes

Wednesday: Baked French Toast via the Pioneer Woman {I lost my old recipe so I'm going to give this one a try. I've never used one of her recipes before. I'm excited!} 

Thursday: Leftovers

Saturday: Grilled chicken and grilled corn on the cob

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