New Blog Design {or chevron anyone?}

As often happens when I'm reading blogs, one thing lead to another and I ended up reading a blog design tutorial over at Sweet Verbena. I'm sure I was supposed to be doing homework, but instead I started obsessing with the idea of making some changes. After lots of reading, I set to work.

I started out with a fun green quatrefoil design using some digital paper from Kelley over at The Grant Life. I used Picasa and Picnik to create my header, buttons, and the like. After Emma went to bed one night, my husband and I sat down to install it. 

As I worked on my Mac and my husband worked on his PC, I found something odd. The colors were different on his screen than mine. That's when I found out about web safe colors. Basically I found yet another way that Macs and PCs don't play nice. There's only 216 colors out there that display the same way on Macs as they do on PCs. Since I hadn't used a safe color, my jpeg uploaded header and my hexcode font colors matched on my computer and not on my husbands. 

This little realization led me to scrap my original design. More reading, the above handy-dandy little color chart, and PicMonkey got involved this time. I also decided to go with blue chevron using a digital paper from Mel Stampz.

I'm excited that I took the leap and redesigned my blog. With a lot of trial and error and the occasional less than savory word for my computer, I was even able to mess with code. I have moderate level computer skills and no skill with html and was able to do this largely on my own. I encourage you to give it a try!

Please let me know if you find any kinks!


  1. Looks good! I just use a free template that I am ok with, but I've been wanting to redo mine. it just seems so hard!

    1. You should give it a go! It wasn't that hard. It just takes a lot of reading to figure out how to accomplish the look you want.

  2. Thanks for the shout out friend! I love the new design! Its super cute :)