What's Cookin #1

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback to my last Just a Moment Monday post! There was intrest expressed, so I'm going to start sharing my weekly menus. Whenever possible, I'll give the recipe link or the name and page number for the cookbook. However, some of these recipes are have been made so many times that I just make them from memory and have no clue where they came from! So, not all of the recipes will be appropriately sourced.

Sunday- Tomato and Sausage Risotto by Smitten Kitchen with crusty bread 

Monday- Mum's Chicken with brown rice and steamed snow peas

Tuesday- Homemade Three Cheese Hot Pockets with side salad (using Prudent Baby's dough recipe)

Wednesday- Parmesan Ranch Chicken with corn 

Thursday- Firecracker Shrimp with brown rice and steamed zucchini

Friday- Fort Worth Food Truck Park with friends (If you live in DFW, you really should check this place out!)

Saturday- Pasta and breadsticks and some kind of veggie (gotta love that planning!)

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