Just a Moment Monday {or another way to waste time}

I'm slowly but surely decorating my living room. It is just a room we've never dealt with. I'm really wanting to change that but I'm doing so on a non-existant budget. That means I've been scouring thrift stores and Craigslist in order to find what I want to make my living room something more to my liking.

Well my husband is having a hard time envisioning what my plans are. So, I set out to gather some pictures of pieces that I would like to help him out. In doing so, I came across Olio Board

Its a free online mood board creator. You can clip things much like Pintrest or Clipix. However, everything you clip ends up on one page where you can arrange them to your liking. You don't have to register to use Olio Board, as long as you just grab images from their site. If you want to get images from any site, you have to sign up. I can see it being another way to waste time. But, in this case I think its going to help my husband see what I'm hoping to achieve.

One annoying thing I've discovered is if when you roll over an image it zooms, you can't add it to your board. The clipping system can't handel it. I meant I couldn't add our actual couch to the board so I went with one that looked close from another site.

So here's the mood board:

As it sits, our living room has two couches, two ikea $8 side tables, a purple accent wall, a in progress gallery wall, and a giant entertainment center. It was a Craigslist score that we've had it for a couple of years now. The many moves its has gone through has taken its toll on it. Also, Emma is causing all kinds of trouble trying to climb up it.

1. This little gem is sitting along the purple accent wall. We didn't have a brown couch when we painted the wall. Long story. But the wall and the couch are both going to have to stay.

2. Our reclining sectional is ugly but of so comfortable.

3. The living room decoration project also involves painting our side tables. We picked them up on two different trips to Ikea. I thought we had black but it turns out we had black-brown. Now they're two different colors and they're driving me a bit insane. I can't decide if I want to go khaki or grey.

4. The inspiration for my dresser to tv console plan. When I saw the amazing dresser turned TV console over at Less than Perfect Life of Bliss. I just about died. I'm just trying to find the right dresser to give a face lift to. I'm thinking a high gloss steel grey.

5 and 6. I'm hoping for a fun lamp. We don't need it. The house actually has overhead lighting {none of our apartments have had that...weird right?}. But I'd like a fun lamp with a decorated drum lamp shade.

Oh, and we need pillows. Well we don't need them. I have plenty. They came with our couches. More we need pillow covers. That's a sewing project that I should really get on. However, that "sewing project that I should really get on" list is like a mile long and has about 10 baby showers and my little miss's first birthday to get through before I can add anything else to it {or justify the fabric costs}.

8. Jen over at TT&J made this bad boy. Perhaps black?

Oh, and I have a really long purple accent wall that I can't decide what to do with. Its a nice color but very naked. Ideas anyone?

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  1. I'd love to see what your tables look like when you paint them grey. I have a few pieces of furniture that I'd like to paint grey- black is too harsh, white is too delicate. Grey justs seems fresh and modern! Following you from Grant Life!