Unsolicited Cuteness {or the best face ever!}

I should be writing a paper. Emma is asleep and the husband is at work. Instead, I'm looking through link parties and writing here. Hopefully, getting this out of my system will let me finally get to work on a 10 page paper that my professor insists should only be 2 pages. Yah...that ones not going to be easy. I'd be done with 10 pages in three hours. But how do I shrink 10 pages work of prompt to 2 pages? Ugh...I need to be done with this class!

Anyway...Emma has started making this face. Its a cross between a smile and a yawn. She does it all the time now. I'm in love.

{This was the first instance of it that we got a picture of. Sorry for the poor picture quality. It was taken in poorly light bathroom with a cell phone.}

I hope your weekend is filled with wonderful times that make you want to make a face like Emma's!


  1. Hello Michaela! :)
    Happy to follow your blog from the Grant Life Blog Hop... what a little cutie pie you have!! Sooo precious! ;) I am really looking forward to your posts here and on Pinterest! Hope you can follow back! :)
    S.O.S. Mom