Medicine Dosage Tip {or why didn't I think of this sooner}

My little miss has allergies. Really, its no surprise. I like to say that I'm allergic to everything that God made green on this earth. I have worse times of the year, but my allergies are a challenge year round. My husband swears he doesn't have allergies. However, he has headaches every spring that magically go away when he remembers to take his Zertec. Denial anyone?

We've been trying all the homeopathic tricks out there to keep Emma comfortable. However, we're getting nowhere. We had a mild and wet winter and an early spring here in North Texas so everything is trying to kill those of us who suffer from allergies. The poor little thing's eyes won't stop watering and she keeps rubbing them. Today, the doctor recommended that we up the ante and start meds.

Awhile back I saw this awesome post on Landee See, Landee Do. It looked like such a great idea. Well since little miss is only 10 months old and allergy meds are all made for two year olds, her dosages aren't on the bottle. Plus, I'm really tired of having to look at see how much Tylenol vs. Motrin to give her when she's teething. They're so hard to keep straight!

So, where's my take on Landee See, Landee Do's wonderful idea. Now, I don't have to read the silly little charts or hope I remember the doctor's orders. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

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  1. That is super smart! I never remembered when the kids were babies.. now after two Im finally starting to get it. Hope your little lady starts to feel better soon! Both my kiddos have their daddies allergies! Booo!!