What's Cookin' 3

I hope you are all safe a well this stormy Sunday. Thankfully, we're just having a lot of {much needed} rain and some intense thunder. 

Sunday: Out! {My dad's in town}

Monday: Chicken and Tomato Bake (sans chicken) with sauteed zucchini

Tuesday: Chili Lime Tofu with brown rice and snap peas

Wednesday: Pizza Night! {maybe we'll have a salad ;)}

Thursday: Tomato and White Bean Gnocchi {adapted from Shabby Sweet Tea}

Friday: Marinated chicken, corn, and biscuits

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner!


  1. Saturday is brenner! Woohoo! Love it!! I think we are going to have a brenner night this week too. Everything else looks great.. you give me such great recipe ideas!

    1. My mom refused to cook on Sunday's when I was a kid. It was "her day off." So we either went out or had the only thing my dad could make...waffles. I love brenner!