Banner Adventure Swap Mini Quilt {or swap addict}

I've become a little too hooked on Instagram Swaps. I mean, they're just sooooo cool. You get to see a whole group of creative people running with a theme. You get to stretch your limits in making something for another person. Plus, a complete stranger stalks you and then makes something for you. Ok, that last part sounds a bit creepy. But it's awesome!

Last fall, I participated in a super cool swap hosted by @the_tattooed_quilter and @kidgiddy. It was a banner swap using April Rhodes fabrics. You had to use April Rhodes fabrics and include yarn, leather, beading, wood, or other dimensional items into your banner. Plus, you had to include a way to hang it.

This was my first time making a mini quilt. I was a much bigger fan of the mini than the full sized thing. Except for the small piecing thing. That sucked.

I went with a herringbone block. I wanted to feature a bunch of different fabrics. My {original} partner requested that I used fabrics from the Bound line. I read Stitched in Color's Herringbone Block tutorial and then just kind of winged it. I'm impressed how well my hoping for the best plan turned out.

I quilted using a similar wing it approach. I just did random wavy lines. Part way through I decided I wanted some contrast. So navy wavy lines happened.

I used braided yard and some fabric tabs to make the banner wall ready.

My original partner dropped out. So at the last hour I ended up sending this banner off to another participant. I sure hope she's enjoying it!

I may have gotten a little too hooked on IG Swaps. I'm signed up for way too many swaps: aprons, tote bags, Parks and Rec, Fancy Forrest, Music Lyric, probably another one I'm forgetting....oh dear! I need to get organized! Want to see my crazy swapping on IG? You can follow me @michaelamcbrown.

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