English Paper Piecing and Hexie Resources {or where I got started}

This year, I'm hoping to push myself to learn new techniques. I want to try new things rather than just sewing the same dress in different fabric. I also want to explore ways that I can create without being chained to my sewing machine. My machine is in the study, out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the house. It's great for getting stuff done. It can also be a wonderful break. But sometimes its really isolating.

First up on the new technique list was English Paper Piecing. Really, I just wanted to learn EPP to make hexies. They're so stinking cute! And all over the creative web I see people doing amazing things with them.

I figure I'm not the only one setting out on this hexie making journey. So, I wanted to share the resources I've found helpful.

When I started asking around about how to EPP, everyone said Bee in My Bonnet was the way to go. She has a very detailed set of tutorials that are a great place to start.

Christina at Sometimes Crafter has an amazing look at a whole bunch of different hexie techniques. It seems like everyone does something different. She compares a bunch of different options and reports back.

Ashley at Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night is what brought about all this hexie love on my part. I mean that flower garden quilt. Swoon! She shares 6 Must Have Tools for EPP. It's a great place to start figuring out what needs to be on your shopping list.

I've been playing with different stitches for joining my hexies. Anjeanette has a double whip stitch that looks great {but I'm super slow at}.

I love the idea of saving time. Heidi at Buttons and Butterflies shows how to baste the hexies all on the back side, without sewing into the paper. This makes it so you don't have to cut out stitches later.

I do love the idea of fussy cutting. What a fun way to show off beautiful pieces of fabric! Flossie Teacakes has a great tutorial, including the supplies you need.

Next up? Embroidery! Let me know if you have any great resources as to where to start!

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