Photos of a Family of Four {or the beauty that is TEXgiving}

The week before Thanksgiving we revived one of my favorite traditions...TEXgiving. TEXgiving started the first thanksgiving we lived out here. My best friend and her little brother came and joined us for a weekend full of football, food, and watching a very, very tall 17 year old guy scare the living daylights out of Emma.

It's been a few years since TEXgiving had worked out. This time, that 17 year old boy came down from the University of Kansas where he's a senior. Ikes! I swear he's still 8! Oh, and Emma loves him! Wesley was even lukewarm.

The best part of this trip? A girls day! With kiddos at school or daycare, we ran errands, had an uninterrupted lunch, and day drank while we got manicures! Seriously...so amazing!

Plus, the ever talented Auntie was generous enough to take a break from vacation and put on her photographer hat. She got the first real family photos of our family of four. And I cried when I saw them. She caught these little moments that I am going to be forever grateful to have. She found silly faces from Wesley, a look that Emma always gives, and the sweetest interaction between a daddy and his little girl. My heart just bursts!

Ok, prepare for a picture overload from Elizabeth Cavagnaro Photography.

We also got a rocking Christmas Card out of the photo shoot!

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