Butterfly Geranium Tunic {or all geranium all the time}

Awhile back, I was sitting in the Pediatric ER's waiting room with enough nervous energy to build a house. It wasn't really a big deal. It was more like a comedy of errors that further reinforced Emma is my child. The short version is a solid ceramic cat water dish and a 4 year old's face cannot be BFFs. The gash was too close to the eye and too deep to glue at the urgent care center. So the ER was stop number two for the night.

While Emma was totally engrossed in Frozen {along with every other kid in the place} Instagram told me that a small fabric shop having a going out of business sale. So I did what any nervous fabric hoarder would do and bought some cute stuff. Everything I got was for the little one with the hole in her face. So it was totally appropriate!

The Llama Geranium for picture day was part of the haul. The other was this adorable butterfly and polka dot fabric from Riley Blake.

While it was defiantly heading to fall, I decided to sew up a very springy Geranium. I made the tunic length, with layering in mind. Emma gets tons of use out of this cute number, even in the dead of winter. And it should fit her well into summer!

Little man wanted in on the fun. He's not quite nine months old and is very convinced he can walk. He's cruising everywhere and falling because he keeps letting go. His sister walked right at nine months so I'm guessing he'll be on the run soon!

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