Llama Geranium for Picture Day

I feel like I could post for days on projects that never got blogged. Most are pretty small. Maybe I'll do a post with a bunch of them at some point. But this cute dress needed a post of its own! It's also a chronicle of some of Emma's favorite modeling poses. That kid!

I made it for Emma's picture day. I felt like that sort of occasion called for a special dress. Really, it was just an excuse to cut into the fun fabric! The fabrics are both Michael Miller. I could put llamas on everything!

The dress is a Geranium lengthened a bit {by accident} and with a more simple gathered skirt {out of laziness}. Plus, it's made with llamas. So it's just about the most wonderful thing ever!

Plus, there's heart snaps! Llamas and heart snaps. What could be better?

Here it is in action. No clue why she looks like she's winking in all of her pictures. But that smile!

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