11 Scrap Busting Projects {or use up all your small scraps!}

I have this emotional battle that rages inside me each time I cut into fabric. It goes something like this: Should I keep these scraps? Yes!!!! You can never throw away fabric, no matter how small of a piece. No!!! You have too much crap and clutter already. You don't need more scraps that you'll never use!

Tell me I'm not alone!

I've been working on reining in my scrap hoarding a bit. I've recently got rid of some of the lower quality fabrics, ridiculously small pieces, and fabrics that just don't speak to me anymore. Now I'm trying to sort through what I really might use vs. what I'm just deluding myself with. So I've started looking for scrap busting projects. Here's some of my favorites I've found:

I love, love, love Simple Simon and Co's Quilt as You Go bib tutorial! You can check out my versions here.

Crazy Little Projects has an adorable Pouch and 5 Minute Key Fob tutorial. Both are perfect for scraps!

My Sunglass Case Tutorial is very scrap friends. It's a quick sew that makes a great gift for friends!

I want to make these beautiful luminaries from Blythe Ponytail Parades for every party!

These Fabric Scrap Bracelet at Saved by Love Creations look like a great project to have kiddos help out with!

I love these little hearts. They are perfect for parties or kids' rooms. I need to make some for a summer mantel!

Making Home Base has a great West Elm Knock Off that is just perfect for those precious scraps you want to display.

See Kate Sew used 50 different fabric scraps to make this amazing map!

Smaller made cute little braided necklaces with her scraps. I think they would be great for a girls (little or all grown up) sleepover!

Made Everyday's fabric scrap flowers are great for grandkids to make for Grandma's birthday!

Hexies have been my favorite uses of scraps lately. I'm slowly but surely (really just slowly) cutting into a ton of scraps I've hoarded from dresses I made my daughter over the years. I hope to have a hexie quilt to gift her when she graduates in high school (good thing I have 13 years to get this done!). I've done a whole round of up Hexie projects if you need some ideas!

I've got a whole Pinterest Board devoted to scrap projects!

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