Fifth Birthday Photos with Elizabeth Cavagnaro Photography

Last time we were in San Diego {when we did these adorable Smash Cake photos} we snuck in an early Fifth Birthday shoot for Emma with Elizabeth Cavagnaro Photography. These suckers were low key, shot at my dad's house, and taken in a lot of wind. The poor balloons did not survive the million cacti my dad has well. And still, they are wonderful!

The dress Emma is wearing is from H&M. She picked it out herself. I think it perfectly captures who she is at five. She wears dresses as often as possible, her skinny little legs are always covered in bruises from all the adventures she takes, and she's certain she is the heigh of fashion with her mismatched socks.

This girl is full of personality. She is so confident and is always making new friends. She is fiercely loyal, especially to her daddy.

This kid. She is all things pink and sparkly. Her favorite color is fuchsia with sparkles. She loved every minute of ballet and thinks dress up should always involve glitter and crowns. But she's also rough and tumble. She loves to explore, plays just as well with boys as girls, and has not met a person she didn't make a friend. She could live all day on bubbles, sunshine, and pretzels. 

I see so much of the best of my husband and I in her. She always wants to know why. She is handy with a hammer and screw driver. Emma is compassionate and feels deeply for others. She is silly and a total jokester. She is also both easily distracted and hyper focused. She is a perfectionist to a fault. She wants to know what her day is going to look like the moment she wakes up. Its so humbling to see your struggles in the personality of your child.

In the last year, Emma grew into the roll of big sister with more grace and love than I could have every hoped for. She genuinely loves her little brother. She is so patient with him as he destroys in an attempt to play with her. Oh how she hugs him! She walked into Pre-K with little fear and emerged even more confident and capable than when she started. She added lots of ballet moves, if not a ton of grace, to her repertoire. She went on her first big family vacation and cannot wait to explore more of the world. I am beyond thankful to see her grow and change day to day.

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