Bubble Skirt Tutorial {or another Ribbon Retreat project}

Incase you missed this over at The Ribbon Retreat, check out this quick and easy bubble skirt tutorial. This sucker is a great beginner level take on the bubble skirt.

I think bubble skirts are just adorable on little girls. I finally have myself a walking little miss to start rocking the bubble skirts. I want to make ten of them! I think that Riley Blake's Chevrons are just wonderful. I knew I had to use them for my first bubble skirt for my little miss.

Want to make a bubble skirt for the little miss in your life?

You'll need:
Two coordinating fabric {I used Chevrons Medium in Navy and Aqua}
Elastic {3/4th inch for newborn to eighteen months, 1 inch for larger sizes}
Matching thread
Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies

I'll walk you through how to cut pieces based on your little miss's measurements. First, measure your little miss's waist. For me, it was 18 inches. Add a 1/2 inch and that's how much elastic you need to cut. So my elastic was 18 1/2 inches.

All of your fabric is going to be cut selvedge to selvedge. This allows for a nice and fully skirt. Also, it's one less seam you have to finish!

Now, let's work on length. Measure from your child's waist to where you want the skirt to fall. I measured to the bottom of the knee. For me, it was 11 inches. Now, subtract your desired waistband size from your length. I wanted a 2 inch waistband so that left me with 9. Add 1/2 inch for seam allowances and you get the length you need to cut for your outside piece {or 9 1/2 inches for me}.

For the inside piece of your skirt, subtract three inches from your outside piece. This left me with cutting a 6 1/2 inch piece of my coordinating fabric. From your coordinating fabric you'll also want to cut your waistband. Remember earlier how I subtracted 2 inches from my outside? That's my waistband width. However, I need to double that to 4 inches for cutting.

Now, let's get sewing! You're going to start by pinning your inside and outside skirt pieces right sides together along the width of the fabric.

Sew these pieces together using the width of your presser foot as your seam allowance {my favorite seam allowance!}.

Open up your two skirt pieces and turn them wrong sides together, lining up the raw edges. This is what the inside of your skirt will look like. See the cute little bubble!

Now, take your waistband and fold it in half, hotdog style.

Flip you skirt pieces over so the outside of the skirt is on top. Line up the raw edges of your skirt with the raw edges of your waistband. Pin well!

Sew your waistband to your skirt using a 3/8ths seam allowance.

Now, finish your seam. I used my pinking sheers. You can also zig-zag stitch over the edge to prevent fraying.

It's time to thread your elastic through your waistband. Using a safety pin, thread the elastic.

Be sure to pin the end of the elastic to the casing doesn't eat your elastic.

Sew your elastic in place on both sides by going over it with a zig-zag stitch several times.

Now, pin your skirt rights sides together.

When you sew your final seam, you want to make sure you use a seam allowance that will hide your selvedge. For me, this was a 5/8th seam allowance. Since you've incorporate the selvedge into your final seam, there's no need to finish it.

Now, find your little miss and give the new bubble skirt a whirl!

So I know I got a little final product picture crazy with this post. I'm bias and think my little miss is as cute as they come. Therefore, I wanted to share this cuteness with you all! ;)

I was given this fabric by The Ribbon Retreat in exchange for creating this tutorial to be posted on their site. I am a big fan of The Ribbon Retreat and that's why I remain a Contributor. All opinions here are 100% my own. Check out my Disclosure page for more info.


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