Just a Moment Monday {or funny baby pictures}

We have a cat named fudge that crawls into everything. When he was a kitten, he slept in a bowl. He crawls into any bag or box that's on the ground. It doesn't matter if the box happens to be too small, a foot in the box is plenty for him.

Emma seems to be taking after Fudge {who is her BFF}. Lately she's be standing in boxes, sticking her feet through ring toys and then walking, and crawling into a plastic drum. 

We moved Emma up to her "big girl" car seat. Our newborn car seat {a Britax} had the greatest neck support pillow I've seen. You could expand or deflate the pillow as needed. She was living the good life in that thing. We'll now the little miss is a big girl seat and has no such luxury {at least until I make her one}. And yes, that's an empty water bottle she's using as a pillow. Its her favorite car toy. We're done buying kiddo toys. This kid is in love with boxes, spatulas, and milk jugs.

{Do you like the new header? Jessa over at Caked Vintage made it for me as apart of the awesome giveaway win I had last month.}



  1. Cute shots! My little one absolutely loves water bottles too! Why do we even buy toys?! :)

  2. Fun post. We just moved my son to the bigger car seat--there are pluses and minuses for everything! I had a fun time looking around your blog. If you ever do a gift exchange again, I'd be happy to join. I am also your newest follower. Please pop over to my blog: http://dosmallthingswithlove.blogspot.com. I'd love it if you'd return the follow!