Just a Moment Monday {or some baby shower diy inspiration}

Nearly all the women in my Sunday School class are pregnant. One just had her kiddo, several are due in May and several are due in August. The first of the showers is next weekend. This has me in baby shower sewing mode. 

I thought I'd share some wonderful tutorials for beautiful yet easy baby shower presents. 

You'll come to learn that I have a love affair with all things Jess @ Craftiness is not Optional makes. The Bapron is something I've made in the past for gifts. I've received rave reviews from the moms who have used them. My hint is not to pin...even the bias tape. For me, they came together better if I just was careful and adjusted as I went. These guys are truly quick sews!

Kristen over at kojo designs shared this amazing Pieced Jersey Dress tutorial. I used this tutorial to make the above dress for my little miss. It's a great excuse to cut up shirts you really wish your husband would no longer wear! 

I made this sucker for the last shower I went to. The momma I gave it to just told me how much she used it. I know I used mine a ton when little miss would stay asleep in her car seat while I shopped {oh, those were the days!}. You should really find some excuse to use this fabric! Its too cute and comes in blue as well.

I've made several onesie dresses and always had the same problem Erin @ Sutton Grace describes. They are always to get on over the head. Well, Erin fixed this problem with elastic tread. Genius! I'll be making a onesie dress using her idea soon!

Like me, I bet you've been seeing this adorable dress pop up all over blogland. I have no clue why I haven't made it yet. It looks simple to do yet its a stunning finished product. Maggie over at Smashed Peas and Carrots was even nice enough to include a 6-12 month pattern with her tutorial- all for free! I know at my shower I got tons of things for itty bitty babies. I'm so very thankful to the people who gave larger clothes or items used by bigger babies!

What's your go to shower gift?  

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