Yarn Tied Quilt for Baby Brother {or longest WIP ever}

This quilt has to be one of my longest running projects. I fell in love with Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater for Moda the moment I saw it. Growing up in San Diego, I  surfed. The fabric from Lucy's Crab Shack that has beach names on it immediately caught my attention. It's littered with the names of beaches I surfed throughout Southern California. It brings back happy memories of beautiful beaches, fun with friends, and amazing California Burritos. 

A while after Lucy's Crab Shake came out, I was wandering around my local fabric shop. I found a charm pack that was 40% off. Score! I bought binding and backing fabric and quickly set to work. It didn't take me long to make a simple square quilt top. That was like two years ago.

I looked at the ready to quilt top many times in the last two years. But it was too small for my little miss. I tucked it away for another day. I figured I'd finish it when one of my college roommates got pregnant. And then, much to our surprise, I found out I was expecting baby number 2.

A couple of weeks ago I finally finished up this sweet little quilt. I added some lime sashing on a whim. I'm glad I did! While it's not the biggest ever, I think it will be a perfect size for tummy time and baby cuddles.

I decided to yarn tie the quilt out of sheer laziness. But, I do really like the look. Check back soon for a tutorial. Yarn tying is quick and easy, when you know the right tricks!

Emma defiantly approved of this quilt. I made sure she knew it was baby brother's. When she asked to "try it out." How could I say no!

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