Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers {no batteries required!}

As with most holidays, Easter tends to be one giant sugar laced event. I'm not a total scrooge. We enjoy the candy my daughter gets at our church's Easter Egg Hunt. But, I do try to keep candy out of her basket on Easter morning. 

I know many moms are looking for candy free Easter basket ideas. Here's some ideas for the preschoolers in your life.

First, run, don't walk to the Target Dollar Spot. I was able to pick up a silly putty filled, carrot shaped egg, a ton of stickers, some Frozen socks, and a jumping frog toy all for $1 each. They had cute jump ropes, a ton of super hero themed items, and bath finger paints as well. But go soon. I know from experience that if you wait till too close to Easter the Doll Spot will be picked over.

I'l also adding some Easter Egg shaped coupons to her basket. She'll get to stay up 15 minutes late, pick which restaurant we eat at one lunch, and watch Frozen (which she would do every day if I let her). All of these a free (we'll let her pick the restaurant on a day we would have been eating out anyway). I also think they'll make her day!

Does anyone want a printable?

Looking for some larger items for your little one's basket? All of these ideas are under $8. None of them require batteries. They are all great for sparking creativity or family play!

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What's your go-to Easter Basket idea?

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