A Nautical Geranium {or bad blogger}

I'm finally catching up on posting some past sewing projects. This post is like a year late. But, I'm finally getting around to showing off my first geranium. When I made it last summer and it was pretty roomy. I'm hoping to make it through most of this summer too. Emma is always growing up, not out of tops. I love tunics for that reason.

The anchor fabric is from Sarah Jane's Out to Sea. The whole line makes me swoon. I can't wait to see what her next line is!

I really stink with button wholes. Can't line them up to save my life. Anyone have any tricks?

 Here's a tip. A pretty obvious one at that. Don't take 30 minutes worth of pictures with a 3 year old. She'll get annoyed. Luckily her modeling fee (a cookie) perked her right up!

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